“VOLTAMP SERVICE” an independent SBU of “Voltamp Transformers Limited- Vadodara”, facilitate engagement with their business partners to optimize life of their Transformer Asset to ease maintenance and offer solutions to increase its reliability.

As per the latest finding estimated life of Transformer is 60 years (Ref. CIGRE 889).

It is noted that 40% of world carbon emission is due to electricity generation where Transformer contributes major share.

“VOLTAMP SERVICE” have created a Team of experts and has been offering services for an expensive asset for 50+ years to achieve maximum out of their Transformer asset as well as minimize carbon foot print.

"VOLTAMP SERVICE" can support customers with a range of services related to Transformers and electrical systems. Some potential areas of support could include:

  • Spares

  • Asset Management Service, Diagnostic and Condition Monitoring

  • Factory Overhaul, Repair, Refurbishment / Capacity enhancement

  • Customer training on site /virtual

  • Retrofit and uprate

  • On site overhauling

  • Trouble shooting /Emergency Service

  • Retro-fill with Easter oil


  • Implemented inventory-based spares management system for ‘Voltamp make’ Transformers, enabling quick delivery of spares from the stock.

  • Supply spares required for any make of Transformers as well as OLTC, including imported brands.

  • Develop & supply spares for obsolete designs subject to submission of samples/ drawings.

    Asset Management Service, Diagnostic and Condition Monitoring:

  • Through condition monitoring, we help our customer implement Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

  • This condition based maintenance can reduce the risk of catastrophic failures by 50%, while early detection of problems could reduce repair costs by 75% and loss of revenue by 60%.

    Factory Overhaul, Repair, Refurbishment/Capacity Enhancement :

  • We have a dedicated facility for performing transformer drying and overhauling. Additionally, we specialize in repair, refurbishment/capacity enhancement, voltage ratio conversion, and vector group conversion.

  • We recycle almost 90% of transformer materials, thereby assisting the industry in reducing its carbon footprint.

    Customer training on site /virtual :

  • We provide training support to customer by deputing experts to site or virtual training using electronic media.

    Retrofit and uprate :

  • We can help to fit Air-cell (flexible Separator) inside a conservator tank which isolate insulating oil from the atmosphere and prevent contamination of gas and / or moisture from coming in to contact with transformer oil due to oxidation and hydrolysis. This helps to reduce filtration frequency.

  • Converting ONAN transformers to ONAF can raise transformational capacity by up to 20%, thereby increasing power delivery capacity while maintaining the same carbon footprint.

    On-Site Overhauling :

  • Transformers undergo natural aging, primarily affecting oil and paper insulation. This necessitates cleaning the windings, retightening to restore short circuit capability, etc. Our expert team is equipped to carry out these tasks for transformers of any make and type on-site, mobilizing all necessary tools and equipment.

    Trouble shooting /Emergency Service :

  • Our team of trained and experienced service engineers is adept at resolving any problems encountered in the field.

  • We also undertake RLA (Residual Life Assessment) Testing.

    Retro-fill with Easter Oil :

    Transformer filled with material oil can be retro-filled with Easter oil to:

  • Reduce risk for fire (Flash point >330 Degree centigrade).

  • To improve environmental foot print being 100% Biodegradable.

  • To allow Transformer to be located closer together and next to building without the need for fire walls.

  • Transformer up to 66 kV can be retro-filled 1:1. Transformer capacity > 66 kV can be retro-fill in consultation with OEM.

"Voltamp Service" Function is geared to provide, "Cradle to grave" service support for transformer life...

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