MVA per annum

Installed Capacity

Our Products

  • Oil Filled Transformer

    The Company has installed facility to manufacture Oil filled Power and Distribution Transformers up to 160 MVA, 220 KV Class.

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    Dry Type / Cast Resin Transformers

    In the view of requirement of Indian Industry, we have introduced VOLTAMP Cast resin (Dry type) Transformers.

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    Induction Furnace Transformers

    Induction Furnace has coil constructed from heavy copper tubing, it is designed and tuned to the inverter circuit which applies a medium frequency.

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  • Switchgear/CSS

    VGRM12 is SF6 insulated medium voltage switchgear (RMU) offers increased functionality and compact dimensions for use in today's advanced MV secordary distribution systems.

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    Unitised Sub-Station

    The Substation is designed to take care of moisture, dirt, condensation in coastal areas and is completely lockable, to protect against unauthorized access.

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Voltamp Transformers Limited was established in 1963. The company is based in Vadodara. The Company has installed facility to manufacture oil filled power and distribution transformers.

Resin impregnated Dry type Transformers up to 5 MVA, 11 KV class (In Technical collaboration with MORA, GERMANY) and Cast Resin Dry type Transformers up to 12.5 MVA, 33 KV class (In Technical collaboration with HTT, GERMANY). VOLTAMP delivers its strength from its customers. Over the years of sincere service and dedication to its customers has earned the company, distinguished customers which includes leaders in Government and Semi-Government projects, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Power sector, Pharma, Paper, Steel, Cement sectors etc. and various other Industries and State Electricity Boards in India as well as abroad also.

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  • Services(SAS)

    We are one of the leading designer & manufacturers of Power & Distribution as well Dry Type (VPI) & Cast Resin (CRT) transformers.

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    Our transformers are running trouble free at several sites all over the country as well abroad too. We are on the approved list of leading consultant, major houses & also with Electricity Boards in the country.